Hairy Australian GILF

02 | 17

This stunning Australian gilf has a lovely figure, and she also has a lovely hairy minge. She clearly looks after her body, and she looks after her bush too, as she hasn't let it get too untidy, yet she is clearly happy with hair down below.

This sexy mature Sheila is natural in other ways too, and as you can see there is no silicone on her at all, with her boobs being natural, the way nature intended too. So as you can see, she is natural on top, and natural down below too. This mature hottie has not used wax on her pussy and she is old fashioned in other ways too as we are told that her favourite sexual position is missionary style.

Of course there are lots of hairy creatures in Oz, including hairy australian caterpillars and hairy australian spiders to name just two. We think that you just can't beat a hairy gilf though, and there must be something about the country that attracts all this extra hair with so many Aussies who want to escape into the bush.

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