Hairy Granny in The Kitchen

11 | 16

These days most women seem to shave their vaginas. Yet most guys aged 50 and over like hairy grannies.

When these guys were in their late teens, and twenties, hair was a lot more common down below for women, and typically the first women that guys in their 50s slept with had a hairy bush.

Here is a real woman who has never had a shave or a trim, and she is stretched out in the kitchen. An older woman with vaginal hair is a woman who is happy in her body, and doesn't feel the need to look like a child. This hairy grandma knows part of her appeal is her hairy bush, so why should she ever shave it. Her untrimmed bush is unkempt, yet that is part of what makes it so inviting, and ready to explore, and ready for the pubes to be gently twisted and pulled.

Statistics from Pornhub and others back up the idea that older men tend to prefer hair on a woman’s private parts, and if you study the bush on this hairy gilf in the kitchen, you can see why.