Mature Lady With Hairy Pubes

02 | 16

hairy pubes brunette

These days most women seem to shave their vaginas. There was a time when women would never dream of shaving down below.

Real women are those who are "au naturel" and who would never shave or trim at all. There is something very erotic about taking a woman's panties off ever so slowly to reveal her long and natural bush hair.

A woman with vaginal hair is a woman who is all woman. Having sex with a natural woman is beautiful. Removing a woman's panties and seeing her beautiful bush, well it adds to the whole sexual experience,

There is nothing more exciting than a beautiful full untrimmed bush of pubic hair, ready for you to explore that most lovely part of her body, and having fun gently stroking and pulling her long pubes.

The vagina on this lady here has clearly never seen a razor in its life. We hope you like her.

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